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At the start of May, we sent one lucky school group off to experience the wonder that is Cambodia. Filled with spectacular natural beauty and some of the most amazing historical sites, the group got to not only work on some extremely worthwhile projects but soak up the culture and local traditions.

After arriving at Siem Reap International Airport, and welcomed by Camp Cambodia staff everyone was whisked off for dinner.  The group’s first taste of a local delicacy was, AMOK fish or AMOK chicken, which is curried fish or chicken cooked in banana leaves and it never fails to impress. Once they were all full, it was off to the hotel for a much needed sleep.

The following morning after breakfast, the group were picked up and travelled to Camp Beng Mealea which is around 90 minutes from the world-famous temple Angkor Wat. Everyone was warmly greeted by the Camps staff and local children and began making new friends straight away.


Each day began with an early start, being woken by the village Rooster then off to make their own breakfast and set out for the day to work on a variety of projects.  The group got to try their hand at a multitude of new skills such as mixing cement and plastering walls of the local school, to searching for seeds in the nearby forest.

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Some got to teach English to the local children, while others helped to continue with the build of the local school rest area.

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After fulfilling and exciting days, the group got to spend their evenings with their new friends, trying their hand at local skills such as making Bamboo Star Lanterns, before bedding down for the night, sleeping under mosquito nets in the warm Cambodian air.

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After the group finished their community project days, they got the opportunity to explore Cambodia and visit the world-famous temple Angkor Wat; the largest religious monument in the world. Accompanied by an English-speaking tour guide, they were provided with an abundance of information about the history, culture and traditions of Cambodia.

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Upon returning to their hotel, the group made their way to the Phare Cambodian Circus. Everyone loved the show and had a fantastic evening. However, it wasn’t over, as they made their way to the Siem Reap night markets for a spot of souvenir shopping, picking up some Angkor T-shirts and elephant pants.

After their time in Siem Reap City, the group transferred to Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, and visited Spider Town giving them a chance to hold and eat some Tarantulas, which is a memory that will always stay with them.

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In Phnom Penh, the group paid a visit to the King’s Royal Palace and got to enjoy a boat trip along the Mekong River.  The next day was followed by a visit to the Genocide Museum S21 and the Killing Fields in the Choeung Ek area.  Although these two places are haunting to visit, they give you a real understanding of the history of Cambodia and an appreciation of how wonderful the people are.

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The group had a fantastic time on their expedition with us in Cambodia, and we look forward to welcoming them back in the future.

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