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Happy Friday everyone. Meet Billy, this week’s Fundraising Friday Star.

Billy has been very busy all over the local area working really hard raising funds for his expedition to Borneo later this year. He’s had the amazing idea of taking contact information from each sponsor, so he can keep them updated with his fundraising. He writes a regular report and sends it to them and is planning on sending another when he’s returned from Borneo. What a wonderful idea!

Have a read.

Hello all generous contributors.

I am now 10 months away from putting all of your generous contributions into practice.

Dad attended the information evening at school and saw the trip as a life-long opportunity that I’ll remember and obtain an unbelievable experience from. He contributed 10% of the total cost and is still throwing in the odd $20 for things I’m assisting him around the house and garden with.

After I distributed an information pamphlet, I was given various tasks in the neighbourhood. I’m mowing lawns, blowing leaves, pulling weeds, washing cars, watering plants and basically taking on anything that is offered. Because of my efforts, I am receiving generous rewards.

I approached ‘Heathmont Butchers’, Canterbury Road, Heathmont and requested the privilege to cook and sell his prize-winning sausages for a day outside his store. After I told the butcher of my aim to travel and the reason for raising money, he gave me permission to do so.

Due to the time and effort in taking on the task, I asked a friend, Cooper MacDonald to assist me with a half share of the days takings. On Saturday the 24th of February, Cooper and I sold 10 kgs of beautifully cooked sausages in bread and managed to raise a total of $282.00!

Sausage Sizzle

As a bonus, a gentleman named Graeme came over to us. He is linked to the Heathmont Lions Club and approached Dad and spoke of how it was a great thing to see a couple of young men trying to make a difference and the experience the trip will have on the rest of their lives. Graeme has invited us to attend a meeting at the Lions Club, in order to tell our story. As a result, we may receive a contribution towards the trip.

Since the start of my fundraising, I have run a raffle at the Merimbula Big 4 Caravan Park where I managed to raise $135.00 for a slab of beer (bought by my Dad!) Lucky Colin won the box of beer after purchasing $20 worth of tickets. When I delivered his prize and told him of the reason the money was being raised, he put his hand in his pocket and handed me another $50. With a smile on his face as I nearly fell over, he said, “have the time of your life and make a difference.”

My Uncle Ben contacted me after receiving a pamphlet and offered to purchase $600 worth of chocolates for a chocolate drive. I will be collecting the boxes to distribute for sale in the next week. I am very grateful for Ben’s thoughts and assistance.

Uncle Grant invited me to his house to clean numerous windows for a generous payment. I will return to Grant’s in the next week or so to perform more tasks around the house.

I have maintained a bank account to secure all funds raised to allow me to make payments directly when required.

I am now so much more aware of how difficult it must be for our parents to run a household full of hungry kids!

On the 14th of February, I made my first payment of $850 towards my expedition. I still have $230 in my account and it’s growing as I prepare for the next payment in April. I am confident in coming up with other ideas to raise the total amount required.

Remember, your contributions will assist my efforts to make a difference. The funds will assist a third world country in a number of areas including education facilities, housing and the rehabilitation of the environment for wildlife.

I will continue to periodically inform you of where I’m at. When I reach Borneo, I will maintain a diary and images of our trip to share with you all.

Thanks for your generosity and I will see you all soon.


What a fantastic idea! This sort of thing is going above and beyond, and it’ll really make sponsors feel very involved in your journey and feel like they’ve really helped you make a difference.

Billy, we’re all really proud of your efforts here at Camps HQ – Well done and keep us updated!