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The first 24 hours with Team Katak has been intense. After arriving, we whisked them off to the region of Kudat and headed towards the first camp. Stopping for a visit at the famous gong village was impressive. We learnt how gongs were made and saw the infamous giant gong!! Group photo time! After reaching the first camp- Camp Tinangol, we settled in. Everyone was tired and hungry and welcomed the end of the travelling. Then our first day of projects began. We walked into the village to the site of the community centre. The foundations are done so we started on the wooden frames for the cement pillars. We are hoping to get this finished before we leave his camp- the clock is ticking!! Bring on the rest of the expedition!!

Here’s some quick photos of the team in action…..

Group at giant gong IMG-20180401-WA0014

Walking to village Working on boarding Sawing Huge Gong At gongs