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This week’s Fundraising Friday Star is Ryan! He has only recently signed up to his school’s Borneo expedition and he’s already off to a flying start. Go Ryan!

Having only recently turned 13 I was excited at the thought of going to Borneo to help with community engagement and animal conservation with Orangutans. I wasn’t even sure if my parents would allow me to go or how I would begin to raise any money to help pay for the trip. I would really like to study as a Veterinarian after I finish school so to work on animal conservation would be amazing. I didn’t give my parents the information sheet as I didn’t think they would have the funds to allow me to go. My dad found out about the trip through the schools Facebook page and he requested to attend a meeting where a representative from Camps International was doing a fundraising brief. My dad told me that this was an amazing opportunity and that if I could raise half the money then they would contribute the other half. That’s when the excitement really started, I am going to Borneo!


After talking with my dad about ideas to raise money, he suggested I set up a Facebook page explaining the trip and to offer my services for donations. We really didn’t expect the response that came. It’s only been 4 weeks since I signed up for the trip and I have already raised $1400. I have been cleaning windows, walking dogs, cutting grass, washing cars, working with greyhounds, pet home care, washing dogs, weeding garden beds and cleaning birds cages. I am learning valuable skills whilst raising the funds to pay for the trip. I decided I would like to pay for all of the trip myself as it will only serve to benefit me in my future. I will be proud to put on a resume that I raised all the money for a trip to Borneo at 13 and 14 years of age.


Everyone I have worked for has been very interested to hear my story and why I would like to go.

I paid the 10% deposit and I have enough money to pay the next installment of 20% already!

Considering I was concerned about how to raise the money, I think I have done okay so far. So to anyone who is thinking that they would like to go on one of these trips but maybe a little concerned about how to raise money. Go for it, the community is behind you!

I have a shared calendar with my parents and my dad manages my Facebook page. The power of social media is impressive. He talks to me about jobs and we decide together whether it’s achievable or not. We decided to take on a lawn that was a little overgrown. The lady was paying $80 for the front. When I saw the lawn, I knew it was going to take a while. That didn’t deter me, I just got on with it. Once I finished the front, with a little help from my dad, I offered to do the back. I didn’t want any more money for it, I was just happy to help. She has since asked me back to help with other jobs.


So far I have raised $1400 in 4 weeks and I have jobs in the calendar this weekend that will earn me another $280.

I have contacted my local parachute centre and confirmed that I am old enough to do a tandem skydive. As the skydive is for my expedition, the owner has agreed to give me a free upgrade to maximum height and video the jump for free. I am going to set up a sponsor page so that people can sponsor me and also go around my local community to let people know what I am doing and try and gain further sponsorship.

I am going to talk to my school about running a sausage sizzle with the other students who are also going on the trip.

I have had numerous offers of gifts for raffles and also had a ‘Tupperware’ representative offer to donate 10% of all sales from any parties my parents have. They are organising a party for May.

‘Fitness For Kindness’ has offered to run a fitness fundraiser for me. They suggested a themed workout or something of my choice. We are looking at running it in July as it’s cooler in Townsville then.

This weekend I will be walking a very nervous dog called Bindi. She is a rescue, who was treated badly at her last home. I first met her when I was cutting her owner’s lawn. Bindi was really at ease with me so her owner asked if I would be happy to walk her on a regular basis. I am looking forward to working with her.


I do a weekly update on my Facebook page thanking everyone for their help and generosity. This opportunity is amazing and I can’t thank my dad enough for pushing me and helping me with ideas. I am so looking forward to Borneo in December 2019.

I think we’re all in agreement that Ryan has been super busy, his determination is something to be proud of and with the support of his parents and community, he is going to Borneo. Good luck for the rest of your fundraising journey Ryan!