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Saturday morning we left for the jungle. Having done it before I had already briefed the team and although there were a few apprehensions, they were ready to take it on!
Our arrival at the village jetty meant jungle briefing and snacks, plus to our surprise and pleasure they were putting us in the eco camp rather than a fully hammocked camp. Despite this the team were adamant they were spending at least one full night in the hammocks and so they came with us anyway.
Our jungle time went by in a flash- sunrise and sunset river cruises to try and spot wildlife….birds, different types of monkeys and lots of them and even a few crocs. Seed collecting, de-vining areas so trees can grow, looking after the tree nursery, a night walk and helping to remove weeds from the lake are just a taste of what we got up to.
The night in hammocks was great fun- we were taught how to put them up and then had to put up our own ones! Definitely an experience to remember.
Having left the jungle camp we then headed for our morning at Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary and Sun Bear Sanctuary. Getting to watch feeding time as well as the younger orang-utans play seemed to definitely be a highlight for Team Katak.
We also then had a short stop at the Rainforest Discovery Centre where everyone learnt a little bit more about the jungle that had been surrounding us for four days!
We are currently in a hostel as we leave Borneo tomorrow but there are a few important last minute activities that we have just completed- ate dinner to celebrate an awesome expedition and explored and spent money in the evening markets of KK.
Team Katak’s Expedition Leader