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This week’s Fundraising Friday Star is Natania. She has been fundraising like crazy and has even incorporated her fundraising with her love of horses. Along with fellow travellers, Tess & Rory – she’s doing amazingly. Have a read about her fundraising journey….

When I first heard about the expedition I felt excited to be able to play a small part in helping the Orangutans in the Borneo jungle and to meeting and helping people less fortunate than me. I had only been to Tasmania before, so I’m already nervous about being on a plane for so long! My desire to travel has been awakened and my first experience being in such a safe, welcoming environment is a big help.

My first fundraising event was a raffle at our local horse show. My mum works for Avenel Equine Clinic and they donated an Equine First Aid kit and we got a few other donations for prizes. My friends Rory and Tess who are also going on the Borneo expedition with me sold the tickets for us as I was riding in the show. We made $140 and split it between us.

horse racing

We have also hosted a High Tea with Lorraine Lea at our local cafe. Mum and I made the sandwiches and cakes and my grandmother is a Lorraine Lea consultant. We got $2700 worth of sales so have $270 to spend on rewards. There was also $370 of cash donations. I then used the rewards to purchase items to help with our Spit Roast & Auction.

Recently, Tess, Rory and I got together and hosted our Spit Roast & Auction at our local hall. We raised over $8000!!! It was very stressful in the two weeks leading up to the event, making sure enough food was ordered and gathering items to auction, but it was all worth it! Chef Danny donated his time to cook for us and he was able to get all our salad veg donated, which made a big difference to our bottom line!

Spirt roast cooking

Everyone who we asked to donate items were so generous and encouraging – and there was even a 3-night deluxe villa stay in Vanuatu up for grabs!

Table of prizes

I offered to have their logos printed on my “Camps” shirt to anyone donating $100 or more. Luckily, my friend was able to screen print them for me for free!

As we plan to do a “Tree Planting Project” through the school, Mum contacted our local Landcare group. They gave me $400 towards my trip as they feel it is such a great cause!

News paper

I am so excited now! I have almost raised enough for my expedition, so I am now aiming to pay for my vaccinations and all my kit!

The Traveller Gateway has been such a help. Mum printed the bunting and some donation boxes to use for our events. I have also used the fundraising logo on our posters and banners.

The next fundraising event will be a joint venture run through the school. We plan to plant 1000 trees in our local area and do the same in Borneo. The land holders will pay $1 per tree and students will get sponsorship for friends and family.

Bring on Borneo!

I think it’s safe to say, Natania and her family and friends have been busy! Keep up the great work!

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