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Tamika is this week’s Fundraising Friday Star. What a busy bee she’s been – have a read to hear what she’s been getting up to for her expedition to Cambodia in December…

I felt inspired when I first heard about the Cambodia expedition consisted, and I instantly felt a need and a want to help. I’ve always wanted to travel, especially overseas so I jumped at the opportunity, but it wasn’t just about me – I love the concept that I’ve made a decision and a commitment that will change people’s quality of life for the better. That is really special to me. I have a love for children and in the future, I want to become a Primary School Teacher and I also have a newborn photography business on the side so when I heard about to opportunity to be able to mix with and have impromptu lessons with the local children in Cambodia – I was excited!


Tamika - Friday Fundraising Star 1


Many freak out when I tell them the sorts of places I’ll be staying, limited hot water etc, but I couldn’t care less about those factors because I know that I’m not going there for a holiday – I’m going there to make a difference. I am a part of the Camps International 2018 Cambodia Expedition because I want to be part of a movement that reduces poverty in a third world country! I can’t wait to experience and learn about the Cambodian culture – this experience will allow me not only to help others but to grow as a person and to see how even at such a young age, I can make a big difference.
To raise my first amount of money, I decided to create a raffle and sell tickets to the school community. The inspiration from this came from me winning a 3kg tub of Nutella. To do this, first I made posters and set a date to draw the raffle, I then sent the posters to our teacher who is organising the Expedition for approval. After this, many obstacles arose like Nutella not fitting in with the healthy eating guidelines and strict guidelines around nut allergies, but after many considerations the raffle was approved. I placed raffle tickets and donation jars around the school in several places and plastered posters everywhere.


Tamika - Friday Fundraising Star 2
Recently I have been working really hard for the group fundraisers, out of our group of Craigmore High School students going to Cambodia I do a lot of the organising and promoting for our major events. Recently I was one of the major organisers for our Semaphore Fun Day Fundraiser. At this event the local Carousel was donated to us for two hours by the awesome Rotary Club of Henley Beach and also ‘Tracey’s Face-Painting and Balloon Twisting’ kindly donated her time and face-painted for us. So, we used these resources cleverly and we sold tickets that gave the customers; a face-paint, sausage sizzle & fruitbox, unlimited rides on the carousel and we hired large outdoor board games that everyone who had a ticket could use. Vantastic Events – Mobile Coffee Van came along on the day too and sold coffee, donating some profit to us. We sold tickets on an online booking system and also on the day. To keep track of who bought tickets we stamped the children’s hands. Alongside this day, I organised a raffle prize that consisted of wines donated by the amazing staff at VINPAC, bath bombs and a tub of cookie dough.

Tamika - Friday Fundraising Star 4

Also, our group organised and ran a Bunnings barbecue we raised over $1000 just on one day alone. I contributed to this event not only by being there on the day and helping, but I sourced two prizes from local butchers for a prize and I made posters and organised the resources that allowed me to sell lucky squares alongside the barbecue.
I have a part time job and have been successfully saving since I joined up for the expediton about 2 years ago.


Tamika - Friday Fundraising Star 3


Another fundraiser for the expedition that was undertaken was selling Billy G’s Cookie Dough to our family and friends! Yummo!

To see photos and updates on my journey to Cambodia (and myself wearing my Camps International Hoodie as winner of the Fundraiser Friday Star 😉 feel free to like and follow my Facebook page: Tamika’s Cambodia Expedition
The next fundraiser our group has coming up is a cinema fundraiser showing the movie Vitch- Surviving Under The Spotlight at the Regal Theatre.

For a personal fundraiser during the next school holidays, I would love to run some newborn photoshoots as I am a photography student at The Centre For Creative Photography and this is what I love doing and to do this I will soon start working on promoting a newborn photography package through social media and allow people to book a time with me online.

I am so lucky to have awesome teachers supporting me and coming along with us on the trip, Miss Pouwbray especially, you are a star and you help us so much – thankyou for everything. You’re organised, persistent, fun, kind and always grabbing us opportunities left right and centre for fundraising and travelling. You’re awesome!

Bring on Cambodia!