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I think Tara’s fundraising journey will apply to a lot of our students – putting off fundraising is very common, but there’s no need to panic if life gets in the way. It’s still very possible! Tara has recently returned from her expedition to Borneo but have a read about how she got there!


After confirming that I was going to go on the Borneo trip with my school, I was so excited and ready to go on the trip, it was all me and my friends spoke about for weeks. But after that I honestly sort of forgot about it for the next couple of months. I thought that fundraising was going to be a really hard task and really, I just wanted the trip and not to have to deal with all of the fundraising.


Friday Fundraising Star - Tara - 6


The few times that I did think about starting some fundraising, the fact that I needed $4000 kind of overwhelmed me and I said to myself ‘oh well there’s heaps of time, it can wait another couple of days’. And this happened again and again until another 2 months had passed.


Finally, my parents cornered me, and we decided it was time to start this fundraising already! The Camps International staff had sent out little booklets and flyers of great ideas to help me with fundraising for my trip and I took little notes of all of the ones that I was going to do. Yep, another couple weeks went by and I had done nothing, so my dad got online and bought 50 of the Cadbury Chocolate Boxes for fundraising. It took us a few weeks to hand out boxes to family members and friends to take them to work and sell them for us. I even walked around local football clubs and basketball games and sold heaps of boxes. From those 50 boxes, I fundraised $1500. Things were going great, so we ordered another 50 and then another, in total we had made just over $4000, with the help of my family I was donated $500 for my trip and I had all the money I needed.


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To fundraise my money, I basically did nothing, I mean chocolates sell themselves don’t they! But I had made a massive amount of $4500 and all I had to do was call my aunties and uncles and walk around and sell a few boxes of chocolates. For this task that I thought was near impossible, this had turned out to be the easiest thing I had ever done!


My trip was fast approaching, and I was all sorted! After some last-minute shopping I was off and before I knew it, I was in Borneo meeting new people, seeing and experiencing new amazing things. Knowing I had fundraised my money made the trip so much more enjoyable and I appreciated everything that we did. I have to say that my favourite part of the expedition, was the lessons that I learnt while I was over there and the person that I have become since I returned home, even though before I left I only saw it as a free holiday.

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My number one tip for any trip that you are going to go on with Camps International is try every little thing you can while you are over there (even if it’s as little as eating the noodles that they serve when normally you wouldn’t) and enjoy everything while it lasts because you will most likely only get to do it once!


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