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Jordan has been busy fundraising since he joined this expedition last year. He’s been fundraising with his Borneo team members at his school, as well as on his own and his ‘Orangutan Packs’ are an awesome idea. Have a read about how Jordan’s getting on…
When I first heard about the opportunity to attend the Borneo expedition, I was really interested to find out what it was all about, what we’d be doing and what community project work we might be involved in. I started to feel excited after my nerves settled!

To kick off my fundraising, I took part in a group event with the other team members at our school. Our school P&C held a movie night with market stalls and they offered the Borneo bunch the opportunity to do a BBQ on the night as well as a popcorn and coffee Cart.

The school let us use the coffee cart, the P&C let us use the BBQs and popcorn machine – so our equipment was covered! We also bought flavoured popcorn and packaged it to sell. Each team member and parent had a task to do for the preparation of the stalls. Unfortunately, we had a LOT of rain the day before and the day of the event but luckily it still went ahead undercover and we managed to raise some funds. It was also a great opportunity for some team bonding as not everyone going on our expedition is in the same year level.

We also hosted a BBQ at a Swap Meet at our school in March, earlier this year. We raised around $2400 in profit and it was divided up between the whole team. We worked really hard that day, it was so hot and very busy.

We have also done a raffle and a game called ‘Borneo Ball Bounce’ (ping pong balls into a cup to win a donated prize.)

We’ve been creative, and my mum and I have worked on making Orangutan packs! In our packs, we decided we would include a toy orangutan, an adoption certificate, banana lollies and a bottle of water with our home-made Camps International water label, all packaged in a clear bag.

Image 2

We contacted ‘Wild Republic’ and they sold us the hanging toy Orangutans at cost. We help from an amazing parent, Kristin, Oliver’s mum, who made the adoption certificates. Another mum packaged the banana lollies, and another friend helped make the water bottle wraps. We also decided to add a colouring in page of an Orangutan, some vine and a thank-you tag. My Granny then crocheted a bunch of bananas to add to the Orangutan’s velcro hands! We sell them for $20 per pack and we just had a stall at our local Queensland Day in the park selling them.

Image 3

We have probably raised around $1000 with all of the events combined.

Going forward, I will continue to sell the Orangutan packs and we will probably do a stall at a local fete like the stall at Queensland Day. Maybe at Christmas we will have another raffle and game at our local Carols in the Park?

Bring on Borneo!