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Last week we had the chance to get together as a team in our head office in Melbourne! We’re all so committed to the students, teachers, parents and expeditions that we offer, that getting together as a team is important for us to better ourselves and make the ‘Camps’ experience amazing for all.

We got together to do some team building exercises, and also have some fun!  Each of us brought something new to the table and it was amazing to see what we all came up with.

We started off with a yummy spread in the office, and a few laughs before we got to work.

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We focused the afternoon on discussing our culture and visions, figuring out who we are and where we want to go as a team – to better the experience of those who travel with Camps.

After a productive afternoon we headed out for some fun playing mini golf (it was a themed mini golf course, complete with props which we took advantage of for photo-ops!!) and karaoke. We had a few laughs and sang our hearts out, but firmly realizing that we should all keep our day jobs! – although our version of Bohemian Rhapsody is now legendary!

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The following morning, we headed out to Lysterfield Park, for a hike and a BBQ. We stopped at different intervals to be taught a new skill by each of us, which ranged from learning how to make paper airplanes, how to use a compass and de-sex a lamb (we used a stuffed toy!)

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We ended the day by making a timecapsule to be opened in 2023! Lets see where the next five years take us!

The Camps Team