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Simone joined her school’s Kenya expedition a bit later than the other students – but that didn’t stop her! Her fundraising efforts have certainly paid off, and it just goes to show…fundraising is 100% possible! Simone is currently in Kenya on her expedition – what an experience she’s having!

In my whole lead up to my very exciting Kenya expedition, there was a lot I did to get myself to this point – 7 days away from heading off with the ticket all paid for by myself.

As fun as the babysitting and Bunnings store stalls I have done were, the organisation wasn’t at all easy.


For Bunnings, there was huge preparation before each store event, but with help from my mum, we got it all done. Also, part of the organisation was ensuring we posted the events on the right social media and sending lots of emails to friends and family to get the word out when it was happening.  In total we had 3 BBQ’s and 5 cupcake stands. The Bunnings fundraisers were a lot of fun, but long hours too. We also had great support from the local fruit shop who donated sliced onions and the butcher who gave us a great price for the sausages.

Each event, we would meet new people and even see costumers we had served before and they were very interested in what I would be doing in Kenya. I had a lot of support from my family and friends, making me even more appreciative of this expedition.


My babysitting is a lot of fun and great experience for my future, as I hope one day to become a teacher. I have been doing many after school and weekend hours, along with my babysitting club I run during the holidays. I started the babysitting club almost 2 years ago, and I look after around 8 kids at one time in my home during the school holidays, doing lots of fun games and activities.

We have also been running small raffles throughout my fundraising journey and have the final draw on Saturday June 30th.  Thanks again to those companies that donated prizes.


Overall my fundraising for my trip to Kenya has come to an end and I have raised all the money for my ticket. I am so excited and grateful to take part in such an experience with a new group of friends, and when I leave school I would love to continue giving back.

One day I hope to teach English in a school in places such as East Timor, Nepal, Kenya and other parts of Africa, continuing to make a difference and help other people’s lives.

Thank you Camps International and Emanuel school for your organisation in making this expedition happen! I can’t wait for Kenya and I am so appreciative of all the support and guidance I have received in this lead up! Only 7 days to go! Kenya here I come!