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This Fundraising Friday Star blog is slightly different this week – as it’s written by a lovely mum on behalf of her son! We never underestimate how much of an impact fundraising or our expeditions have on the parents of the students who travel, so it’s wonderful to hear a parent’s perspective about what this expedition is already doing for her son, Aasa!

I am writing on behalf of my 14 year old son who has signed up to travel to Borneo on a Camps International expedition in 2019. Attending the information session with my son was an experience itself. I watched him as his face lit up while watching the video – it was evident he was excited!

By the time it got to expenses that weren’t included i.e. spending money, he nudged me and said, “Mum I’m going to need at least $100”. The car ride home convinced me he was serious especially after he mentioned foregoing ps4 controllers and accessories on his birthday and that he was going to use his birthday money to pay for camp! After a discussion with both parents, he committed to raise/earn the money himself. So far, he’s at $600 in 3 weeks and paid his deposit off himself.


The first thing Aasa did was sit down and brainstormed different fundraising ideas. His next step was to set up a fundraising page on Facebook – ‘Aasa’s Fundraising & Odd Jobs – Camp Borneo 2019.’ He decided to do odd jobs for the local community and we have been advertising on the local buy, swap, sell pages. Aasa has done 5 jobs so far – car wash/vacuum, rubbish removals x2, weeding and helping someone move house.


Aasa’s dad is the boxing coach at the local PCYC and Aasa coaches the Junior Kids classes for his dad and gets paid for this – so he has been banking his pay as well as fundraising. The feedback about what he has been doing is great.


He has also done a ‘Lucky $100’ board raising a $100 with the prize being a donation from a family member. We’ve also done a car boot sale. We actually met a lady at the car boot sale who used to own a cupcake business and she has said if I presell boxes of cupcakes she will make them and give me a special price to get x amount per box of cupcakes – people have been so nice! Aasa’s uncle is also donating a signed Australian Boomers Jersey to either auction or raffle.

Fundraising is well under-way – Borneo here he comes!