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This week it’s the turn of Ashleigh! Following in the footsteps of her friends, she’s off to Cambodia next year. Her determination is already paying off… Great job Ashleigh!

The first time I heard about this Cambodia expedition I didn’t really think much of it. But I got talking to some friends who travelled on this expedition last year and they said they loved it. The more they told me about it the more I wanted to go. I was so excited that I would have the chance to experience this once in a life time opportunity. The main questions I asked myself were things like, what could I possibly do for their community to make their environment a better, more enjoyable place?

Planning my first event wasn’t easy. It took a lot of time and a lot of brainstorming. I had many ideas that came to ahead quite quickly, but most of all, I needed some help with setting it all up.


Nothing is ever easy and yes, I did encounter many obstacles along the way but nothing I couldn’t get passed with a bit of determination. The first amount of money I raised was by asking for donations from both my friends and family. I set up a Facebook page and shared this opportunity with them and they helped me raise $750! I was more than grateful.

Just recently, I have been putting together a wheelbarrow with many gifts in it from numerous and very generous businesses around my local area. It is packed with lots of things like toys for mums and dads and even the little ones. Once that is full, I plan on holding a raffle night and whoever wins gets the wheelbarrow full of goodies!


I have also been out looking for sponsorship through family known businesses. I have offered the local businesses to put their logo on my Camps International t-shirt so that they also get promotion out of it – it’s a win win! So far with my fundraising I have raised $1,690!

I’m also planning on holding a bingo night. Down the track, I also plan on going out and possibly asking for some more sponsorship.


My school group is also putting together a car wash at the school and have just held a movie night too. I am getting a lot of encouragement and support through all of my friends but mostly my family. I hope to do them all proud.