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It’s always great to hear how students are getting on with their fundraising and how excited they are to head off on their expedition! It’s also amazing to hear from students upon their return… Kasey returned from her Cambodian expedition a few weeks ago and clearly it had a positive impact on her. What a great read!

When hearing about the opportunity to travel to Cambodia, I was immediately buzzing about the prospect of going on such an incredible adventure. I asked myself whether I had the guts and if I was ready to take such a huge step, and the answer was a profound yes!


To begin with, I planned to have a garage sale in which I would sell old things I no longer needed; however, this never came to fruition. With a busy schedule including extracurricular activities, a job and undertaking VCE while also living a 45-minute commute from school, I just couldn’t find the time to organise it and execute it the way I wanted too. It was a real shame, but I did find other avenues to fundraise.

I have taken advantage of many buy/swap/sell pages across different regions in Victoria to sell items of mine I no longer needed. This was a great alternative to having a garage sale, as I mentioned previously, as it was a quick solution to a problem I faced. I raised just under $1000 purely from selling my belongings!


Money that I made from working my part time job as well went to the remaining amount of money I needed before jetting off to my expedition which I just undertook and returned from recently!

Considering my expedition is over, my fundraising specifically for the trip has concluded. However, it has inspired me to continue to fundraise for worthy causes such as the Cambodian community and more.


Camps International and their program speaks volumes about the difference any individual can make upon the lives of so many who are less fortunate, and they have inspired me to continue to aid these communities and people in any way, shape or form I can to continue to pass on their message!

Just because my Cambodia Expedition is over, doesn’t mean my journey as a budding traveller and philanthropist is over!