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Sophie’s been a busy bee – won’t be long before she’s off on expedition! Hard work really does pay off!

When I first heard about the expedition I thought it would be a great opportunity to get hands on and make a change in developing countries. I was very excited and interested in the expedition and I wanted to know how I could be involved and help out in any way possible. I had previously been to a world vision conference that had inspired me to make a change in the world and this is my opportunity, so I took it.


As soon as I knew the expedition was going ahead, I found out how to set up a Go Fund Me account to raise awareness about what I was trying to achieve and how I was going to do this. I did this as a personal fundraiser and it was my first effort to try and fundraise for Cambodia. I wrote a few paragraphs about what I was trying to do and how I wanted to do it then added a photo. From there, friends and family shared my post creating awareness for the cause which compelled people to want to help out. The Go Fund Me page was very successful and was a good start to my fundraising journey.


Recently I have been involved in lots of group fundraising activities with Craigmore High School and other students who will be attending the expedition. We have been fundraising by hosting a movie night, sausage sizzles, selling cookie dough, face painting, glitter tattoos, hennas, raffles, Semaphore fun day and we also have a quiz night coming up. I have also teamed up with Tayia, another student that will be on this expedition. We helped each other to organize a Mother’s Day raffle that was very successful and popular. We raised over $300 within a week through some hard work and planning.


The next main event we’re planning is a group fundraising activity that involves a quiz night. We are hoping to get our community involved, spread awareness about the cause and have a fantastic night of fundraising for a great cause. We are also in communication with Harbour Town at the moment to set up a stall during the upcoming School Holidays to do some fundraising there. We have created lots of awareness for this cause through being in contact with local businesses that want to help out in any-way possible.

Fundraising is challenging, but it’ll be totally worth it!