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We have been chatting to William and his lovely mum, Caroline, in the lead up to a big event he was planning, helping with posters, advice and generally keeping the enthusiasm up! Have a read as to how he planned it, and the little update we’ve put together as the event took place last weekend. Well done William (and Mum!)

As soon as I heard about the expedition, I thought it could be fun and I wanted to help out in the community. I am keen to learn more about deforestation within the area and how it affects the locals and the environment. I’m also keen to spend time with the children of Borneo after their school day and maybe teach them a few things about the Australian culture and how we live. I’m looking forward to sampling the local food and to experience what it would be like to live in Borneo. I really think this expedition would give me an opportunity to be more independent and responsible and give something to others.

My first thought about fundraising was – how am I going to raise the funds? Then I had an idea to do an event at my local gym – 12RND. At first, I thought I could do a 24-hour challenge but my mum thought that would be too long, so my next idea was to talk to Camps International about my idea and then I wrote a proposal and made a poster.

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Once I had my proposal and poster, I went to the gym and arranged a meeting with the owner. At the meeting I presented my idea, but they said that 12 hours was too long, and they suggested 4 hours – because of this, my first fundraising event was a 4-hour power rowing challenge. This is going to be done at the gym on the rowing machine.

The goal is for other people to help me row and they will pay to do this. I’ve set the date and now I am about to get my posters out into the community! I will be putting them up at the gym, the local shops, hairdressers, and local community billboards. My mum and dad are also going to put them up at their work so more people will come along on the day. Mum and dad are also going to post it on Facebook and I’ll be letting all my family know so if they can’t come they will hopefully donate. I am also hoping to get it put on the local community radio station.

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I am going to see if there is a local printer that can print off some posters and then I will put them in letterboxes of houses around the gym. I will also ask my friends parents at cricket if they can get the word out.

It has been hard work getting this planned! I have been training a lot at the gym on the rowing machine and it has been hard. I am also feeling nervous about people coming on the day! I know that it will okay because mum is helping me a lot with getting organised.

Once I have done the challenge I am also thinking about doing some car washes at the local shopping centre. I also love to cook and so maybe I can bake some cakes to sell at cricket and I am also hoping to sell the cakes at school and maybe the local shops or the hairdresser if I am allowed.



William’s 12 round event took place over the weekend and was a roaring success. Our very own Sheriece went to the event, along with a bunch of teachers from William’s school and in only 4 hours, he raised $900!! It really does go to show what hard work, dedication and support can get you.

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