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Samala is off on her expedition to Cambodia in just a few weeks. All of the time she has spent fundraising for her expedition is about to pay off! 

When I first walked into our school hall and Jack Johnson’s ‘Better Together’ was playing with a slide show of amazing pictures, my excitement was set off, and I knew something great was happening. Throughout the presentation, my feelings of excitement, hope and also nerves for this opportunity of such an amazing adventure to Cambodia, just kept growing. When I went home, I asked my parents and they eventually said I could… and so it began!

The first thing we had to do was to figure out how I could fundraise while we were away on a road-trip, so my Mum helped me set up a Facebook page where I could sell my craft that I made while on the road.


I raised about $320 from all my craft, from both this Facebook page and also a local art and craft market where I sold some too.

Our school group also organised lots of group fundraising opportunities with us. We had a Bunnings barbeque, which was organised by one of the amazing families participating and raised some good money for the students who took part. Together, we also worked at a community food-stall, Apex, at our local showgrounds, of which my Mum and I took part in three major shows and raised about $370.


All this was so amazing and helped fundraising so much. In September, my friend Jemima and I were organising a movie fundraiser at the cinema. We set up a Facebook page for bookings and money transfer and posted the event. But in the end, we had to cancel the event because we didn’t get any bookings, but, thanks to the donations we got through the page from friends and family, we made $1016, which was beyond Incredible!


Now, my Mum and I, and sometimes Dad too, work at our friend’s stall at the markets on Saturdays and some Sundays, and although the hours are basically from 3am to 3pm, it is always so worth it! But the most amazing fundraising thing that happened was my Dad’s uncle donating $1000 towards the expedition, which I could never, ever, ever have imagined!

Soon, we have another Bunnings sausage sizzle and I will also continue to work at the market and save my money from that. I can’t wait for the trip!