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Kody signed up to his Cambodian expedition a bit later than the rest of his team, but that didn’t stop him from getting involved with fundraising and achieving his goal in a shorter amount of time. Kody and his fellow team mates returned from Cambodia just before Christmas, and he had the best time!

Even though I’m travelling in a couple of months, I have only just signed up! I was very excited when it was organised for me to join the team, but also quite nervous as it’s my first overseas trip without my parents.

But putting all of that aside, I can’t wait to contribute to the Cambodian Communities to make a difference.


Even though I’ve just signed up, I have a job with my dad, working hard most days of the week so I’ve saved a lot of my money through that, alongside studying my landscaping course at school on the other days.

As I originally wasn’t going on the expedition, my fundraising journey was really more of a support journey to my girlfriend who signed up for the expedition at the start. So, I attended our school group fundraising events such as quiz nights, voting day barbecues, semaphore family fun day and our screening of ‘Vitch Under The Spotlight’ at the regal theatre and helped out at those.


It all payed off in the end because now I am going, I’m excited and I’ve helped fundraise so I gained my share of fundraising (almost $700).

I’m now focusing on getting ready for the expedition, getting my gear together and getting excited to get stuck into work, help out, meet the local Cambodians and have a truly life changing experience!

UPDATE – Kody had the best time on expedition – have a look below for some photos of his time there!