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Happy Friday folks! Today’s blog is super special as it’s our first ‘Fundraising Friday Group!’. This group of girls from NSW have been working hard individually, but very much as a group alongside their super supportive teacher who has sent in this blog to recognise their group events (which are ongoing!) as well as recognising each student in the group. Awesome job ladies – keep up the amazing work!

Our team consists of 6 female students from Year 9 to Year 12. Spanning the year groups, we’ve worked hard to have regular meetings as a group to think of fundraising ideas and put those into practise. But the students have all contributed in their own way to the group events and have been fundraising individually too.


Alexia kick started her fundraising by selling Cadbury Chocolate Boxes, she contributes part of her pay from a part-time job at KFC and has gained sponsorship with Landtrak. She’s the leader of the group and has organised a number of our group fundraising events.

Ayesha started her fundraising, similarly to Alexia, with selling Cadbury Chocolate Boxes and contributes her pay from her part-time job at KFC. She has actively participated in many of our group events and this is really help her to improve her communication skills.

Julia already had the funds from her part time job to pay for the expedition in full, but she has been actively participating in group fundraising to supplement her costs and to join in with the rest of the team.

Rhiannah has been working at a local cafe and has approached local businesses for sponsorship. She’s our resident comedian, is very confident and well-spoken so she makes the announcements at assemblies and has mc’d the film festivals.

Amani has been fundraising online with her parent’s assistance and actively participates in our group fundraising events.

Olivia hasn’t organised her own fundraising events, however, she has enthusiastically participated in our group fundraising events. As a very quiet student, she’s stepped out of her comfort zone for many of our events – even being a co-mc at one of our Film Festival Fundraisers with Rhiannah.

Parent Teacher Stall 2

Due to the amount of effort from our students, our group fundraisers have been plentiful in the past year. We’ve held food stalls at our Parent Teacher Nights, a Cookie Fundraiser, a Greeting Cards stall, 2 Short Film Festivals, a ‘Bring your Plushie Day Party’ fundraiser and held 2 stalls at Panania Markets.


Everyone made delicious treats to sell at our Parent Teacher night stalls and contributed items to sell at the market stalls. The team have also run party games on our “Bring your Plushie Day” fundraiser event, organised a photobooth and had a delicious Party pack hamper raffle – a few extra things to really boost an already amazing event!


The school community has thoroughly enjoyed the Film Festivals and the treats sold at our food related events. Holding the stall at the local markets has been an interesting experience, where the students have met a number of people in the community that have worked with organisations similar to Camps International and this has really given the students an opportunity to interact with the local members of the community.


As a group, the students have raised just over $2000 – and we’re still going!

This year we’ve got a Bunnings BBQ in March and we’re organising a Colour Run with the Cross Country Carnival which will be an amazing one of kind experience for our school and will definitely boost our collective funds.

How awesome is this! Talk about team work!! Can’t wait to continue to follow their journey and they’ll be on their Borneo expedition before we know it.