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There are many times that we speak to students and parents where the big worry is “I’m not going to be able to raise all of this money!” Well, we have proof that it’s 100% achievable. Whether it’s through one fundraising event after the next, or following in the footsteps of one of our travellers, Breanna – you can do it! Breanna has provided us her budgeting success story and we really think it’ll help you all too!

Camps international came to our school late in 2017 and from the moment they told our school about Borneo I knew I wanted to go. I went home and told my mum – her first question to me: how much will it cost and how are you going to pay for it?

All I knew was that I was definitely going but I really needed to work out the money real quick as my trip was booked for Nov-Dec 2018.


I work as a casual and I had money put aside already but I was determined not to use my savings. I worked out a strict budget of $20 a fortnight and figured out how many shifts I needed to do and it was achievable.

So, I worked out when the payments needed to be paid and set up a savings goal and put that money into a separate account from my everyday account.

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I also set up a ‘Go Fund Me’ page and my family shared this on Facebook to show my family and friends what I was up to and what I needed a little help with. For my birthday my mum and family helped with the more expensive things for my kit: trek boots, backpack etc.

Mum kept an eye on Facebook Marketplace and picked up a trekking backpack for next to nothing! I also did a lot of looking online as there are heaps of cheap but good sites. I bought cheap clothing where I could; Kmart and Aldi have great bargains and the clothes you take don’t need to be expensive as they will get filthy.

The tops I took were from Aldi – 3 for $9
The bottoms were from Kmart and I got them on clearance – $5-6
The boots were bought for my birthday from my mum for $290 on special but I wore them all the time.

My rucksack was bought on Facebook for $80 but it was worth $500!
The sneakers I took were from Aldi for $12 and I actually left them in Borneo for the community.

Top Tip: Research online as there are discount trekking stores, but we ran out of time as it was under 11 months from the time I knew I was going and time goes quickly.


A few of us organised a trivia night which helped with offsetting the cost and was heaps of fun organising the questions and prizes for the night. But almost all of my expedition was paid for through my budgeting.

Sometimes when I was struggling with wanting to go over my budget as $20 isn’t a huge amount, I remembered my end goal.

I was looking forward to the challenge ahead, working and helping the people of Borneo was really rewarding and I learnt about the country and their culture.

Being fit will help as there is a lot of walking, and I have a knee that’s not the best, but I did well most of the time. Doing small hikes and walking before your expedition will help for what lays ahead.

I will say I didn’t need as much of the First Aid Kit I put together but a jumper is needed so make sure you pop one in as it can get cooler in the jungle at night.

If you’re thinking of taking an adventure with Camps International, go for it, it’s a life experience I’ll never forget.