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One of our Regional Coordinators from Victoria, Dan, was tasked with the challenge of raising $700 towards our Camps Foundation. Have a read below about how he got into the mind set of one of our travellers fundraising for their expedition. Well done Dan!

Having been set the task of raising $700 for the Camps foundation in a week, I found it a little bit strange to be doing this as a work task but I thought ‘well I’ve got to do it so might as well get it done instead of dragging my feet.’

The whole idea of it was to get perspective from the students minds in trying to raise a deposit to travel with us and with this in mind I decided to base my fundraising tasks solely on what a Year 10 student would be able to do.


My first point of call was asking any of my friends or family for a donation and I think I’m pretty lucky with who I surround myself with as in total from them I raised $400, which I was stoked about and made it a bit easier on me for the rest of the week.

I then tapped into my cricket club and knowing how competitive everyone can be I created a golf competition. One shot closest to the target is the winner. It cost $5 to enter and the winner got their Thursday night meal paid for and a drink. With 42 people entering which was staggering to me, I was able to raise $210, $10 going to paying for the meal, I ended up with $200 from that.

Game in a golf on a beautiful green grass

The final thing I did was another competition at the cricket club at our function on the Saturday night. All they had to do was roll a coin closest to a bottle of wine and they won the bottle. Entry was a gold coin and people just kept throwing coins as I ended up with $197 from that with a couple of people just giving me $5 to help out as well.

So that’s how I went about a very strange task given to me. It may have sounded easy but I’m also lucky in those that I have around me willing to help out and chip in. But it goes to show that its definitely possible for students to do, especially if they’re involved in community groups or sporting clubs. It does certainly help me appreciate how hard it is though for students to put their neck on the line and raise the funds to travel overseas with us.

The best of luck to all of our current and future students – we’re very much here to help too so don’t hesitate to get in touch!