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Michael has been super busy with his fundraising ahead of his Borneo expedition in a few months time. He’s not only been taking part in group events with his other team members, but also topping his funds up through individual events. Awesome job Michael – you’ll be in Borneo before you know it!

I first heard about the expedition through my school and I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to get outside of my comfort zone and do something to help others as well as improve myself. My parents have both travelled extensively and encouraged me to do this expedition – and so I signed up!

My fundraising efforts have been quite varied. I have taken part in team events which have included sausage sizzles, car washes and Krispy Kreme drives.


But I’ve also been doing some fundraising on my own. I have done money boards, meat tray raffles, mowing lawns and doing odd jobs around the local area. It has been challenging fitting everything in with school but thankfully my Mum has helped me with scheduling it all in.


My most recent fundraiser was the Krispy Kreme Doughnut drive. The day before Good Friday I received 120 boxes of doughnuts (12 in each box) that had been pre-ordered by friends, community members and my Mum’s co-workers. We collected them from the plane around lunch time and by 7pm all 120 boxes where collected from pre-set locations. There was a lot of planning and social media needed for this, but it ran very smoothly. For this fundraiser alone I have made $1225!


The next event I’m planning on, is to continue with mowing lawns and doing odd jobs. I have regular customers now too which is great! This is something I enjoy doing as I don’t really like talking to people – this is something I am working on and will get better at.

Borneo here I come!