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We have had the joys of hearing how Emily has found ways to create a more sustainable lifestyle and has inspired others to do so as well! Through her own sustainable bee’s wax business, BeeSustainable, to finding connections around the environment with others she is making a big impact in all her steps! 

I truly believe that simple things together are our best chance at saving our dying planet. Plastic pollution is such a big problem and can seem a little intimidating when thinking about solutions, but broken down it’s much simpler, if many people around many places eliminate single-use plastic products and instead use reusable alternatives, I can’t imagine the impact it will have.


As I am very passionate about the environment, I have created my own small business called ‘Bee-Sustainable’. My product as well as many others on the market are a simple alternative to plastic wrap and tin foil. Melted beeswax on cotton fabric sticks to itself like glad wrap and can be easily washed and reused. They can be used in school lunchboxes to wrap sandwiches and snacks, in the kitchen to cover and wrap leftovers as well as fruit and vegetables. They are perfect gifts to get other thinking sustainable and can last for up to a year!

il_794xN.1759805783_f0mkThese alternatives are simple ways to eliminate single use plastic, a determined mind also can allow other swaps to occur. I personally no longer buy take away coffee in disposable cups, I take time to ensure that if I want a hot drink, I am carrying a keep cup, another simple swap that of taken out by everyone can have a huge impact on our planet.

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Throughout my business journey, the biggest challenge was finding connections, within customers as well as people who could provide opportunities to sell my products and get my message out. For me, this allows for a large amount of gratitude when it does happen. In terms of tips for other trying to reduce their plastic use and carbon footprint, I say, stay determined and try to think that for every piece of plastic that you don’t use, that’s one see bird or turtle that will stay alive.

tinker 3I’ve chosen to be more sustainable as I believe that as the next generation young people need to be the ones to learn and fix the mistakes of the past generations in order to have a clean future on this planet !tinker1

Thank you so much Emily for all of your amazing work! 
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