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Sheriece is part of the Camps Australia Team and has set off on her Plastic Free July Challenge. She’s shared her journey and tips so far with honesty and little steps to make a big difference – Thank you for sharing Sheriece!

Sheriece (web)

I am not going to lie to you when I say I have epically failed at my first week of Plastic Free July and here’s why;

  • On Monday I went to Woolworths to do a light shop. After looking in my trolley from just adding 6 items, 4 were covered in soft plastic – half a rockmelon, half a pumpkin, some ham from the Deli and my favourite Choc + Peanut Butter energy balls! It is only my boyfriend and I living together so buying a full pumpkin or rockmelon would go to waste as we wouldn’t be able to eat it all before it goes bad!
  • On Tuesday we were doing work on the house and before we knew it it was 8 pm. We hadn’t even thought about dinner so we ordered chose to order in, Chinese! And of course, the containers holding our delightful dinner were all plastic! We do reuse these rather than buying containers, however.
  • On both evenings, I drank Twinning’s peppermint tea after dinner as it keeps me warm and it good for the stomach, but even the tea bags have small amounts of plastic in them!

As you can imagine by day 3, I was very sad and honestly shocked at the amount of plastic which was easily consumed in just two days! But on the flip side, it was an eye-opening experience and an educating one. Naturally, I wanted to do better! I follow many sustainable / environmentally aware business and groups on Facebook and Instagram so I turned to them for help and luckily there were many how-to guides and top tips popping up all over the place to help with this challenge.

Collectively from all these sources of inspiration, I am now ready and set to tackle my second week of the plastic free July challenge and here is how:

  • Purchase loose leaf tea and a tea strainer to completely avoid, tea bags and or purchase tea bags from brands such as pukka as they are made from paper and can be put in our worm farm to be compostable- I bought the chai tea and it is amazing!!variant_830753
  • Purchase items from Bulked Source Grocer such as my protein balls, mixed nuts and seeds which I have for breakfast and many other items that we can purchase using recyclable jars from home. Rather than using plastic bags, or paper which in turn will increase the number of trees we need to cut down as more people are choosing paper over plastic.addasda
  • Purchase compostable bin bag liners – Multix has caught up with the times and offers a ‘greener’ alternative to your bin bags. This is amazing and they offer two choices a ‘plant-based’ or ‘compostable’ big bag liner. Both seem like great options but make sure you purchase the ‘compostable’ option as the ‘plant-based’ alternative is degradable which will not fully break down into the soil when it ends up in a landfill. Instead, it turns into tiny pieces of plastic that will never break down, continuing the microplastics issue we currently face in our oceans. NOTE: I can’t take credit for this, this piece of knowledge came from a Facebook Group I follow called ‘Zero Waste QLD’ which has so many great ideas and pieces of advice!SK

As you can see, the above three actions are so small but will make a huge impact on the number of soft plastics we consume in my household and will ultimately help the animals, the plant and our oceans live healthier, happier lives than they currently are and I am proud to be making the change along with thousands of others this July!

Thank you Sheriece, you should be proud! We can’t wait to hear how the rest of your plastic-free challenge goes!

Have you accepted the Plastic-Free July challenge like Sheriece? Do you practice a sustainable lifestyle? If so, we want to hear from you! Email us at;