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Brooke is off to Borneo later this year and has set off on quite the challenge. We love her ambition and are all on team Brooke to start 2020 plastic-free! Have a read on how she’s doing this…

I’ve set a goal to not only be plastic-free this July but to continue this and be completely plastic-free by the end of this year! I know it’s going to be challenging but I know that I can do it! I’ve already eliminated quite a few plastic products in my life.

Some of the way’s I’ve done this is; Purchasing metal straws to use instead of single-use plastic ones. I’ve purchased bamboo cutlery sets to keep in my bag for lunches and meals on the go. I use a reusable coffee cup for my hot drinks and a reusable water bottle rather than a single-use plastic one I’ve also started using beeswax wrap for sandwiches and wraps instead of plastic wrap.

I’ve been working with a group of friends to propose the idea to the school canteen towards making the switch from plastic containers to paper ones, and I hope that I can focus more on that this term.

Some of the biggest challenges so far have been finding the right products to stay plastic-free. Luckily, I have a bulk, plastic-free, eco-friendly supermarket near me which does help. Some of my friends think I’m crazy and have unrealistic goals, but I believe I can do it! Step by step, I can follow my dreams of being plastic-free, and I hope people will be inspired by my ambition.

I’ve chosen to make the transition to going plastic-free because I know how important it is to the environment and I want my future, and the future of the next generation to exist. I am going to try my hardest to continue to be as plastic-free as possible while encouraging others to follow my footsteps and do the same!!

I hope you’re inspired by my plastic-free journey and  I hope everyone at Camps International is taking the plastic-free lifestyle as an option!

You have definitely been an inspiration Brooke, and we are with you on the challenge – Thank you for sharing!

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