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It’s not always easy to face your fears…Otherwise, they wouldn’t be fears! By being able to push past your reservations and grow the courage to try new things you inspire others around you to do the same! A big thank you to Freya who has shared her journey with us! 

Hi, my name is Freya,

After returning from my expedition to Peru in 2018, I will be leaving for my second Camps International expedition in September 2020, this time I will be going to Borneo – I cannot wait!!!!

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One thing that has made me step outside of my comfort zone is building friendships with people I don’t know very well. My team is made up of various age ranges across my school from grade 9-11.  These relationships were formed very quickly because we needed to work together as a team to start on our fundraising! It was surprisingly super easy to become friends with the everyone in my group as we are all passionate about helping the community in Borneo and passionate about travelling to Borneo to experience life like a local whilst making memories and gaining new experiences.

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I never thought I would have the confidence to approach the public when fundraising and ask them to enter raffles. I was always too scared of being turned down, ignored, told no or even worse, I was scared that the people I approached would be rude. Not everyone I have approached has been lovely or helped out with my fundraising but with the help of my teammates around me I plucked up the courage to ask members of the public to enter my raffle. 7 times out of 10 the people were lovely and helped out, and I’ve come to realise that being rejected or told no is a part of fundraising and not to dwell on the no’s from a couple of people but rather the amount of yes’s I would get. I have tried and learnt that by just having a little bit of courage you can make a huge difference in not only the amount you raise but the fun you have doing it.

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I really pushed myself as the idea of approaching people at first was terrifying to me. The first few people I approached I was a bit shaky and nervous but kept focused on making sure I explained fully to everyone who was willing to listen about my volunteering expedition to Borneo. After the first few successes and the setbacks, I had enough courage to lose my nerves and approach every person that I came across! The feeling that you get when you have people wanting to help you make your journey possible is incredible. It makes you feel like you can achieve anything and will really help keep me motivated and inspired if I have any struggles during my trek.

Fray Mountain

From facing my fears, I have realised that the feeling of triumph is so much better to focus on than the feeling of defeat. I have learnt that by facing my fears of making new friendships and approaching a member of the public can make a huge difference myself and my confidence, but also my whole team getting my team to Borneo!

Thank you,


Thank you for sharing Freya, you have helped others along the way who are feeling nervous about getting out into their community, working together with their team, and approaching others to share your story!

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