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Maddi has set off and accomplished huge goals towards her fundraising journey. Through group fundraising, and her own unique fundraising ideas she is all set for departure next month – have a read below to get inspired! 

When I first heard about the expedition, I thought it looked like an amazing opportunity with lots of unique experiences but I was extremely nervous about going on this trip with a group of people I barely knew. As I did group fundraising with them, I have gotten to know them and am now super excited to go on the expedition at the end of the year.

We worked together as a group to get started with fundraising and did many different things to raise money. We started off selling Zooper Doopers to our school throughout Summer and at our sport event days. We held four trivia nights which made a total of $6,461. Our Bunnings barbecue was a success with everyone pitching in and making a profit of $2400. Our fundraising as a group is now over as our final payment has just been made, we ended up with a total of just over $11,000 to share between us.


Individually I have held a few events. I started off with a bake sale at my Mum’s work selling all types of things including donations from friends and family. I profited a total of $230. Next, I challenged myself with a social media ban for a month. It was challenging but I raised $310, so it was worth it. I also held a Kokedama workshop where we all enjoyed making our own Japanese moss ball plants, a beautiful mother’s day gift. Making just over $200, it was a day full of fun.

My last part of fundraising for my kit items will come from what is known as ‘The Borneo Shop’. This is on my mum’s desk at work where chocolates, chips and homemade cards are sold. Other family members have helped with taking turns at selling chocolates. Throughout the 1 and a half years this has been happening we have raised almost $5,000. Once I depart The Borneo Shop will change the name to become Camps Fundraising for my twin siblings who are excited to have the same opportunity in four years’ time.


WOW – A month with no social media, we are impressed. Thank you for sharing all of your amazing efforts, we cannot wait to hear about your Borneo experience. We are also excited to work with your siblings!

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