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The Amazon, Lungs of The Earth.

Camp Amazonia offers real rainforest living; located within a local Quichua village the locals will be eager to immerse you in the local culture and tradition of the Amazon Rainforest. You’ll visit Camp Amazonia on our 1 month and 2 month Ecuador volunteer programmes.

The Amazon Rainforest is home to one in ten known species on earth, that’s some mega biodiversity. Sadly, in Ecuador the rainforest is suffering the highest rate of deforestation in South America. An area of more than 770 football pitches disappearing every day due to illegal logging and large-scale agriculture.This is resulting in the rapid loss of some of the world’s most beautiful and exotic animals, and jeopardising the lives of the indigenous local Quichua people, who have lived here for thousands of years.

At Camp Amazonia you’ll live and work alongside the local community, understanding the challenges they face on a daily basis. You will become part of the solution working on volunteer projects centred around planting seeds in tree nurseries, maintaining medicinal trees and plants and improving local community infrastructure. During your time in Ecuador you’ll also get to venture into the bustling cities and explore the Pacific coastline.


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