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Cambodia’s Heart and Soul, Angkor Wat

Unrivalled in terms of scale and beauty, Angkor Wat is a true symbol of Cambodian culture, so much so it features on Cambodia’s flag. Relish the feeling of awe that will spread through you as you enter the moat surrounded temple for the first time, there really is nowhere on earth like it. All of our Cambodia volunteer programmes give you the chance to visit Angkor Wat.

Voted number one in Lonely Planet’s 500 best attractions on the planet, it’s no wonder why Angkor Wat is on so many people’s bucket list. Located around 5 kilometres north of the town of Siam Reap, The Angkor Wat Archaeological Park cover 154 square miles (yep it’s huge) and is made up of more than 100 stone temples.

One of our personal favourites is Ta Prohm, you’ll recognise the huge twisting tree roots and crumbling ruins from the Tomb Raider movie set. Keep your eyes peeled for the 3,000 famous ‘heavenly nymphs’ that are carved into the walls of Angkor Wat, each of them is unique! Take the opportunity to soak in Cambodia’s rich culture and discover the unravelling history of Angkor Wat. Make sure you nail a sunrise or sunset shot of the temple, the colours and reflections in the water make for an awesome photograph.

You won’t just observe the culture in Cambodia, you’ll become part of it. Our volunteer programmes fully immerse you into the local way on life. The camps you will call home are based alongside local rural communities who you’ll work hand in hand with on our volunteer projects. We build homes, new classrooms, plant trees and provide fresh water supply for communities living below the poverty line. The warmth and generosity of the people in Cambodia is inspiring. They have so little and have been through a tragically troubled past, but remain so positive about their future.


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