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African Safari with a difference. 

‘Safari’ is the Swahili word for journey, and this is a journey that can only truly be experienced in Africa. Take part in breathtaking African Safari game drives in Kenya or Tanzania and make an impact working on our volunteer projects. Our projects are focused on reducing human/wildlife conflict, conservation of wildlife areas and improving housing and education for the local communities.

The thrill of hearing a pride of lions roar or seeing a heard majestic elephants march by just can’t be described.

Volunteers on our programmes in Kenya will get to spend time in Tsavo National, and our Tanzania volunteers will head to Tyrangiri National Park. Both are famous for  ‘Big 5’ wildlife, that’s lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino.

After a day of taking in the huge array of wildlife (both large and small) out in the national parks, there’s nothing more relaxing than enjoying a drink with your safari crew as the red sun goes down overlooking the African bush.

Whilst in Africa you will work on both Wildlife and Community focused volunteer projects in addition to your safari time. A big focus for us is to alleviate human/wildlife conflict, encouraging a peaceful co-existence between the local communities and wildlife. We implement eco friendly elephant deterrent fences around local communities and crops and even make paper out of elephant poop that the locals can gain an income from. You could also lend a hand volunteering in livestock de-worming, hold on to that goat! Livestock is an important income generator for the local community and without our help they don’t have the funds for the deworming medicine that keeps their animals healthy.

Delicious meals are cooked by our local team of chefs (trust us, you’ll go back for more) and evenings are well spent round the crackling camp fire. Reflect on the amazing wildlife you came across on safari that day and don’t forget to look up at the African night sky for stars like you’ve never seen before.

You don’t visit Africa, you experience it and this couldn’t be more true for our volunteer programmes in Kenya and Tanzania. We ensure all of our volunteers are fully immersed within the local community, gaining an understanding of life in sub Saharan Africa.

The local schools Marungu Senior and Sasyeni Primary, will have a place in your heart long after you leave Africa. You will work hard helping to improve the school infrastructure; there can be up to 100 children in each class so more classrooms, desks and toilet facilities are needed. There is always time to have some fun with the local children, let’s just say you won’t be short of new friends!