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Since we ran our first expeditions in 2003, over 25,000 volunteers have travelled with us, completing more than 90,000 weeks of volunteering. Our combined impact means that we have helped to change the lives of over 105,000 people living in rural communities.



Our Annual Project Report 2017-18

This year, we are currently working on 103 initiatives worldwide to support rural communities, protect wildlife and preserve fragile ecosystems.

From housing and welfare to improving water and food security, healthcare and sanitation to education and training, wildlife conservation and environmental protection along with helping to develop sustainable livelihoods, these projects are real, grassroots initiatives developed in partnership with local communities to tackle some of the day to day issues they are facing.

To find out more about our current project portfolio, have a read of our Annual Project Report below.


The Big Project Report 2017 – Celebrating 15 years of making a difference

In 2017 we celebrated our 15th birthday, and thought we’d take the opportunity to look back at all the amazing work our volunteers have helped us to achieve so far. Our Big Project Report is our most comprehensive summary of our completed projects and celebrates an incredible 15 years of making a difference.


If you’d like to help us continue to make a real difference in some of the poorest, rural communities in Africa, Asia and South & Central America, request a brochure and start your journey today.