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Camp Tanzania Mountain School Expedition

The largest country in East Africa, Tanzania is home to tropical forests, mighty rivers, grassy savannahs and the Great Rift Valley. Whilst on your life-enhancing school expedition look out for some of the world’s most spectacular wildlife including elephants, zebras, giraffes, big cats and monkeys as you visit one of the country’s best wildlife areas.

Tanzania has a diverse population, including the world famous, tall, red-robed Maasai tribe who live around the Tanzania – Kenya border. Meet the inspiring Mamas of the local villages as they welcome you to the community and teach you some of their traditional skills.

Tackle Mount Meru as you embark on your 4-5 day trek through tropical rainforest before the sand and rocks take you skywards towards the summit – all this whilst you take in amazing views across the dramatic volcanic ash crater. Waking in the early hours of the morning you will attempt to summit the mountain and observe a spectacular sunrise.

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Camp Tanzania Mountain School Expedition

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The impact you will make


Traditional House Building & Homestead Support (Kidia)

camp kenya

In this rural area most people are living below the poverty line and something as basic as having a roof over your head is often a luxury that many can’t afford. You’ll get the chance to work alongside the villagers, helping them to improve their daily lives whilst gaining an amazing insight into rural Tanzanian life.



School Improvement (Mbokomu)

school projects

The local schools constantly struggle with a lack of adequate funding, which puts children’s lives at unnecessary risk from dilapidated classrooms that are close to collapse, as well as poor or non-existent sanitary conditions. You’ll help by building or renovating school buildings to create inspirational and stimulating learning resources for the students.


Conservation Work (Ndarakwai)

volunteer project

Human wildlife conflict is an ongoing and significant issue here, threatening the future for many important species such as elephants. You’ll get involved in initiatives to promote a peaceful co-existence between the community and the local wildlife, such as improving natural waterholes and removing invasive plants to safeguard the future for these incredible animals.

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Camp Tanga

Camp Tanga is located in the coastal village of Boma Subutuni and is less than 5 metres from the beach, offering you a peaceful, beautiful location to chill out and lap up the warm ocean breeze and breathtaking views of the tropical Indian Ocean. One word. Bliss!

Location: 500 km (7-8 hours drive) from Kilimanjaro Airport

Accommodation: Tents with comfy mattresses & bedding. Modern toilets & sinks, bucket showers

Power: Generator (between 18:00 – 22:00). British 3 pin power sockets

Phone Signal: Intermittent

Meals: Three healthy, well balanced and tasty meals a day e.g. toast, cereal,  and omelette for breakfast; rice, stew/curry with veg for lunch/dinner & fruit

Signature dish: Chapati & Chicken stew. Even learn how to make your own chapatis!

Social: Beach games, Camp fire, gift shops & drink area


camp tanga

Camp Mbokomu

Camp Mbokomu is an attractive rural camp located in the foothills of the mighty Kilimanjaro within a typical Chaga community. On a clear day you’ll be rewarded with some spectacular views of the mountain the minute you step outside your tent.

This camp also benefits from being situated only 10 minutes drive away from Moshi town where there’s a wide range of facilities available.

Location: 45 km (around 1 hours drive) from Kilimanjaro Airport

Accommodation: Tents with comfy mattresses & bedding. Modern  toilets, showers & sinks

Power: Mains electricity backed up by generator (between 18:00 – 22:00). British 3 pin power sockets

Phone Signal: Intermittent

Meals: Three healthy, well balanced and tasty meals a day e.g. toast, sausage and omelette for breakfast; pasta, chicken stew/curry with veg for lunch/dinner & fruit

Signature dish: Machalari & Kiburu

Social: Camp fire, town nearby


camp mbokomu

Camp legends

Local camps crew


One of the welcoming faces you will see at the airport when you arrive and possibly half way up a mountain, when you think you can’t go any further. Gladys is one of few female guides in Africa, a real character and all round super woman.

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What's included

Travel insurance
Project costs
Orientation and local language lessons
Food and drinks
Dedicated Qualified Expedition Leader and supporting staff costs
Ongoing pre-expedition and fundraising support
Reserve location
Flights and in-country transfers
Access to our Travellers Gateway
24 hour emergency support
4-5 day mountain trek